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our little factory

We take pride in our dough! Sophie’s Dough is made fresh on site, no premade frozen dough! Each batch is made from scratch with only the best ingredients.


Our cookie dough is egg free, you read right, egg free! We also use a heat treated flour, which is treated using a patented process to eliminate bacteria from raw flour. This combination allows for a safe & enjoyable cookie dough experience.


Our cookie dough has been tested and confirmed for a shelf life of four weeks, when refrigerated. Though we doubt it will last that long!

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Sophie’s Dough is a Serious Sweet Eats dessert shop, specializing in scratch made gourmet edible cookie dough.


We’ve gone Dough Crazy, putting our dough in everything from cannoli's to shakes! We offer a variety of flavors and toppings, to make your cookie dough completely customizable.


Our dough is egg free & made with heat treated flour, this allows you to enjoy your cookie dough safely. Our cookie dough is preservative free and is made with high quality ingredients

We just
cookie dough!

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